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Mortgage Broker Ethics

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

In BC Mortgage Brokers must licensed by a provincial regulatory group – the BC Financial Institutions Commission. Additionally many brokers belong to CAAMP … the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.

Part of these programs involve ethics.  You would rightly assume that much of the behavior covered involves high ethical standards in dealing with our customers.  These standards are in place to protect consumers from misinformation and from unethical practices.

The ethical standards also involves truth in advertising and … competition.

Vancouver Mortgage Broker EthicsThis past week we became aware of the fact that two of our competitors were utilizing what are know as Black Hat (unethical) Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)techniques.

They were in effect trying to steal Google traffic from us by using our personal names, and our company name in Google searches.

One of our competitors went so far as to code our names in his blog posts on pages that were totally unrelated to us.

Not only is this “hijacking” of our names and internet traffic illegal, it breaks the ethical standards and guidelines established by our professional association.

The matter is now being investigated by a CAAMP ethics investigator.

Many of our clients own their own businesses.  If you have a business website, we encourage you to check and make sure your competitors are not trying to undermine you by hijacking YOUR name or your company name for their personal benefit.

Justin Blacklock In The News

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Justin Blackloch Interviewed by Mortgage Broker NewsOur very own Justin Blacklock was interviewed by Mortgage Broker News today.

“Most analysts and, increasingly, bank economists, predict the government will officially move to that 25-year cap if, in fact, consumer debt levels fail to ease.”

Justin wants the government to re-consider the 25-year cap because there the plenty of borrowers who are not in financial jeopardy but who prefer to manage their cash flow by utilizing the 30-year plan.

Read more about what Justin has to say to the government in the  article “Broker to Govt: make an exception”