Should I Have a Home Inspection

A home buyer should always have a home inspection when purchasing a home. A home inspection is an examination of a property to evaluate the overall condition of a home as well as the major systems and components. In other words, every inch of the home—inside, outside, under and over—from the crawl space to the chimney and roof.

What is Inspected

A typical home inspection includes a walk around the exterior of the home to see if there are any glaring problems, such as loose siding, dry-rotted window frames and cracks in the foundation. The inspector will also verify the roof is in good condition.

he home inspection will also include a check of all appliances to be sure they are working properly. Dishwashers, toilets, sink faucets, tubs and showers will be checked for water pressure, leaks, evidence of past water damage.  The furnace and hot water heater will be checked to ensure they are working properly and the inspector will probably ask the age of all appliances and systems.

Other interior systems the home inspector will check include electrical, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, floors, ceilings and walls, windows and doors. If the home has a fireplace, the inspector will verify it is clean, look for cracks or loose bricks in the chimney, ensure flashing is securely attached around the chimney and that a chimney guard is attached to prevent birds and small animals from getting inside. (Only Wood Energy Technology Training certified inspectors are qualified to inspect wood-burning appliances).

The home inspector will provide you with a detailed inspection report, including recommendations for repairs or improvements. When you receive the report (usually within 2-3 days) you can decide if you will ask the home seller to pay for any work you want done as part of your offer to purchase.

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